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Digital scanning of dentures

Precise digital study models

Have you considered the benefits of moving to digital models for orthodontic treatment? The team at QX Ortho Lab Ltd in Leyton can help, thanks to years of experience and the latest technology.

Two braces, one red and one green

Accurate models of your patients’ mouth

When you’re trying to help a patient who needs an orthodontic device, you need the most accurate model of their mouth that you can get. The more accurate the model, the more comfortable and effective the appliance created from that model will be. Using digital technology provides you with an extremely accurate model from which to work.


We have access to state-of-the-art digital modelling technology, making us an excellent choice to help you make the switch to digital study models.

No more need for outdated plaster models

Are you still using old fashioned plaster models of your patients’ teeth? The process of making these takes some time and small errors can creep in during the process, but digital modelling removes that problem entirely. It’s a quick and simple process that offers increased accuracy and reduced waiting times for your patient. With an easier process and improved results, isn’t it time you moved to digital study models? QX Ortho Lab can help.

A series of digital jaw models
Teeth moulds and aligners on black background

Formulate effective treatment plans

Thanks to the exceptional accuracy of digital orthodontic models, it’s possible for you to formulate effective treatment plans for patients that are more precise than ever. Digital models also make the process faster, so you are able to begin treatment as quickly as possible, something that will help you to provide your patients with an excellent level of care. We use state-of-the-art laser technology to convert impressions into 3D digital models. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.

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Make the move to digital study models with help from QX Ortho Lab Ltd. Based in Leyton, our expert team works in partnership with dental practices right across London. Get in touch today.

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