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High quality orthodontic products

The team at QX Ortho Lab Ltd are dedicated to producing some of the best orthodontic products available. Our Leyton-based lab supplies orthodontic appliances to Dental practices across London.

Woman holding box with orthodontic retainers

Precision orthodontics made to order

Orthodontic products require an exceptional level of precision to manufacture properly, and we have both the skill and the equipment to guarantee that our orthodontic appliances are perfectly shaped for your patient. This ensures that the appliance will perform its function properly while being comfortable for the owner.


We carry out work for many dental practices in London, and we have a reputation for extremely high-quality products, a reliable and professional service, and fast turnaround times.

Invisible braces to correct malocclusion

For patients with malocclusion, proper care involves using an orthodontic appliance to gently encourage the teeth to grow into the correct position. However, many patients are unhappy at the prospect of using an appliance as they’re often considered unattractive. We can manufacture “invisible” braces that are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible while still being suitable to use for treatment. We offer both fixed and removable appliances.

Woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer edited
Two braces, one red and one green

A dedicated London laboratory

In order to offer your patients the best quality of care, you need access to an orthodontic laboratory that can manufacture the orthodontic products they need both quickly and reliably. With our dedicated and state-of-the-art laboratory in Leyton, we are perfectly placed to work side by side with your dental practice to achieve this. We can manufacture all manner of orthodontic products quickly, with rigorous quality standards in place to ensure that your patents get exactly what they need.

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QX Ortho Lab Ltd specialises in manufacturing a range of orthodontic products in our dedicated lab. Based in Leyton, we work with dentists throughout London, offering a professional service.

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