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A modern orthodontic laboratory

QX Ortho Lab Ltd in Leyton is an up-to-date laboratory that can manufacture orthodontic appliances for your patients. We work with dental practices across London, offering a fast, professional service.

Dental Brace

Perfectly fitting dental appliances

We manufacture extremely high-quality orthodontic appliances. Our fixed appliances, including palatal and lingual arches, quads, and bonded retainers, are all finished to an extremely high standard to ensure they are comfortable for the patient as well as effective. We also supply functional appliances that will help you to provide your patients with successful treatment as the appliance guides their teeth into the correct positions.


We can help with complex and combination appliances, crowns, and bridges, and implantology.

Manufactured using the latest technology

The manufacturing process is constantly changing as new methods are developed and existing ways of manufacturing orthodontic appliances are improved upon. We use the latest pressure forming equipment to manufacture our appliances, as this ensures a consistently excellent end result.


Our appliances are durable and comfortable for the patient and can even be provided in custom colours if required – just let the team know what you need.

Beautiful smiling girl with retainer
Plaster dental models

Appliances for sleep management

For many people, a simple appliance can help with sleep management issues such as snoring and mild sleep apnoea. We can manufacture perfectly fitted appliances that are designed to help with these issues, enabling your patients to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without the hassle.


All our appliances are designed and manufactured to the same extremely high standards. To let the team know what you need, please contact the lab today.

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QX Ortho Lab Ltd is a fully equipped modern orthodontic laboratory based in Leyton and working with dental surgeries across London. Contact our team today to discuss what we can offer you.

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